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Energise your drive.

Complete your home’s energy ecosystem with your own electric vehicle charger.


Wake up to a full tank of ‘fuel’ every day—powered by local energy.

Getting from A to B is just the beginning. Say goodbye to the bowser and get your home fit for the electric future with your own EV charger.

Our local team will guide you from end to end to find and install a charging solution that’s just right for your car and your energy needs.

If you have a solar power system, an EV charger will also allow you to harness more of your energy—further utilising the potential of your energy investment.

Subscribe to drive.

Pay for installation and the rest is covered in your charging subscription, including:

  • the cost of your new, leading-edge EV charger
  • a lifetime warranty
  • one year of unlimited, free charging in the ActewAGL public EV charging network.


One year of unlimited free charging in the ActewAGL public charging network.
Harness every watt. Use your excess solar power to charge your electric vehicle.
End-to-end, onsite advice from our local team.

Power up the way you charge.

Speak direct to our local team on 02 5110 2528 (Monday–Friday, 8am–6pm).

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