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Save with solar

Solar solutions that put the power back to your bottom line.


Businesses use big energy, and solar can work to take charge of your energy costs. If your business uses the majority of its energy during daylight hours, the energy you generate from your own solar PV system will directly offset the energy you need from the grid.

More efficient, more environmentally friendly and more innovative. When you go solar, sustainability is just the beginning. Switch on to the power of the sun and you’ll reduce your operating costs, potentially increase the value of your facility and you’ll get your business on the front foot—ready to take advantage of the newest energy solutions, such as electric vehicles.

From an onsite inspection and quote, to system installation, to ongoing maintenance and choosing the energy plan that makes the most out of your solar investment—you can count on the locals for the advice that will work best for your operations.

We’ll create a bespoke solar solution that meets your exact energy needs and provide you with expert advice for all the ways that solar can make a difference for your business. Speak to a local energy expert for more information about flexible payment options, including interest-free solar financing and on-bill payment plans* that make your solar investment easier than ever.

Invest in a bright future for your business—we’re here to assist you every step of the way.

The power of solar

Reduce your environmental footprint.
Lower your operating costs.
Tailored solutions made for your business.

Contact our local team to arrange an onsite solar assessment, today.

Email or call 1800 572 121.


Recycle your solar system responsibly.

We offer a complete solution to collect, transport and recycle 100% of solar system materials. We’ll ensure no parts go to landfill.

Find out more.
*Contact us to discuss terms and conditions, eligibility and payment options.
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