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Carbon Neutral Gas

Make your contribution to cleaner and greener energy by offsetting the carbon emissions from your gas usage.


ActewAGL understands that the Capital region relies on gas as a key energy source, from heating in the winter months to cooking throughout the seasons. You can now choose to offset the carbon emissions from your gas usage from $1 per week.

Carbon Neutral Gas, accredited by Climate Active, is an ActewAGL product that enables you to play a part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions via clean, green energy.

ActewAGL Retail has achieved carbon neutrality by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and purchasing eligible carbon offset units from a range of projects. Beyond this, Carbon Neutral Gas certified by Climate Active, is available to add on to any gas account with ActewAGL.

Climate change is felt both globally and locally, so we’ve invested in project initiatives including:

  • The Mugga Lane Landfill project, which encompasses landfill gas capture and processing technology within the ACT, transforming waste into electricity.
  • Water purification project in rural Cambodia, which involves the treatment of contaminated water through filtration, avoiding pollution from wood burning or other non-renewable energy sources. The project will work towards generating clean drinking water to 1.7 million people across 312,000 households over seven years.

Offsets from investing in these projects meet the Climate Active Carbon Neutral Product and Services Standards and integrity requirements.

How much does it cost?

For a small cost on top of your gas bill, you will offset your greenhouse gas emissions from your gas usage.

You can add the Carbon Neutral Gas product option to any ActewAGL gas plan for as little as $1 per week.

Commit to Carbon Neutral Gas

Switch on to support renewable energy. Add Carbon Neutral Gas to your gas account by calling 13 14 93 to speak to a local energy adviser, based in the heart of Canberra.

Go greener today.

The ActewAGL Carbon Neutral Gas product has been independently assessed by Climate Active. Climate Active is an ongoing partnership between the Australian Government and Australian businesses to drive voluntary climate action.

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