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Solar Saver

Maximise the value from your solar system with the ActewAGL Solar Saver plan.

Single storey house with terracotta roof tiles and solar panelsRed brick home with solar panels on the roof
Reduce the cost of your energy bill and support the environment.

The ActewAGL Solar Saver plan is a great-value option for those who want to maximise returns on their solar system.

If you are considering ActewAGL for your electricity or are already a customer, we encourage you to explore potential savings by comparing plans online or calling us on 13 14 93.

Maximise the value of your solar system.

Access an attractive feed-in tariff.
Specifically for homes with solar systems, the Solar Saver plan offers an attractive solar feed-in tariff, where you receive credits on your bills for exporting any unused electricity your home generates back to the grid.
Save with solar.
The Solar Saver plan is designed to maximise value from your solar system, by providing great rates while powering your home with solar electricity.
Tariff types.
Tariffs describe the pricing structures applied to energy accounts. Your tariff will depend on your energy network and meter type. If you have a smart meter, time-of-use pricing enables you to take advantage of a lower rate during off-peak times. Controlled load pricing exists for homes with a separate controlled load element at their premises.
Fast, reliable service you can count on.
If you’re moving to a new address, our ACT same-day* or NSW next-day^ connection guarantee will give you peace of mind that your electricity is sorted when you need it.
Convenience and control at your fingertips.
You can conveniently manage your ActewAGL accounts from anywhere, anytime through My.ActewAGL. View your energy usage, sign up for EvenPay, update your details and more.
Tailor payments to your needs.
A variety of payment options are available, including EvenPay, which smooths your energy bills into smaller, fortnightly or monthly automatic payments.

Benefits of being an ActewAGL customer

100% local, award-winning service.
We’ve been supplying energy to the ACT and surrounds for over 100 years. We’re local through and through.
Rates and freedom you’ll love.
Benefit from some of the best rates on the market with no lock-in contracts.
Same or next-day connection.
We make moving easy with our same-day* (ACT) or next-day^ (NSW) electricity connection guarantee.

Ranked #1 energy provider for customer experience 2021/2022

CSBA Sense CX Quarterly Best in Sector Awards for energy.

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You’re just a few clicks away from great savings on your energy rates.

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Glossary - plan terminology explained.
  • Supply charge: A fixed price per day.
  • Usage charge: A price per unit of usage measured in kilowatt hours (kWh) for the electricity you use at your premises.
  • Single rate: Your electricity usage is charged at the same price the entire day, without peak, shoulder or off-peak periods.
  • Time-of-use rates: Different electricity prices apply at different times of the day, possibly during peak, shoulder or off-peak periods, or different seasons.
  • Controlled load: Electricity usage for specific appliances that is metered separately from the rest of your property. 
  • Demand charge: A charge for the maximum demand placed on the electricity network at your premises during a defined period of time, measured in kilowatts (kW) or kilovolt amps (kVA). 
  • Feed-in tariff: You receive a credit on your electricity bill for exporting the excess renewable energy your home generates back to the grid.
  • Reference price: A benchmark electricity price set by the government. It is a calculation of what an average customer on a standing offer would pay for their electricity per year.

*Same-day electricity connection in the ACT, as long as you let us know by 1pm, or we’ll cover up to $500 of related expenses per day. Full terms and conditions on our Move page.
^NSW next-day connection of your electricity is guaranteed when you book online before 2pm on any given business day. Full terms and conditions on our Move page. 

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