Simple Saver.

Lowest energy rate. Set payments.

Simple saverSimple saver

Our new plan package couldn’t be simpler—our lowest rate plus set, regular payments.

Relax all year long knowing you’re getting the lowest rate and can stay on top of your budget with easy, automatic payments—you’ll always know how much you’ll pay, and exactly when.
It’s our easiest, most predictable plan*.


Lowest energy rate.
Set payments.
Most predictable plan.

Frequently asked questions

  • It’s our best gas and electricity deal.

    The name really says it all—with this plan, it couldn’t be simpler to save. Combine our lowest energy rate with set, automatic payments through EvenPay. It’s an easy, predictable package with powerful savings on your energy bills. 

    Benefits of Simple Saver: 

    • Have confidence that you’ve locked in our lowest available energy rate. 
    • Remove bill shock and better manage your budget with easy, predictable payments through EvenPay. 
    • Relax knowing that once set up, the payments will be automatically deducted from your nominated account. 
    • 12 month benefit period with no exit fees. 
  • The plan is available for residential customers in ACT and NSW with electricity only or electricity and gas.

    I rent my house, can I have the Simple Saver plan?

    Yes. You can sign up to the Simple Saver plan if you’re renting.

    I also have solar, can I sign up to Simple Saver?

    Absolutely. Residential solar customers are eligible for Simple Saver.

    If you have net metered solar, you’ll receive a feed-in rate of 8c/kWh.

    If you have gross metered solar and are on an ACT Government feed-in rate, your rate won’t change.

    I’m a business customer, am I eligible for Simple Saver?

    No, sorry. Business customers aren’t eligible for Simple Saver. We have other competitive plans available to you. Compare plans online or call us on 13 14 93 and we’ll assist you to find the best plan for you.

    I have gas only, can I be on Simple Saver?

    No, sorry. Gas only customers aren’t eligible for Simple Saver. We have other competitive plans available to you. Compare plans online or call us on 13 14 93 and we’ll assist you to find the best plan for you.

    I’m with another retailer, can I switch to ActewAGL to take up the Simple Saver plan?

    Absolutely. We’d be delighted to welcome you onboard!

  • How does Simple Saver compare to my current plan?

    If you’re not sure whether Simple Saver is the right plan for you, our team of local energy experts can provide personalised, tailored energy advice to help you decide.

    Connect with them via email at or over the phone by calling 13 14 93 (Monday–Friday, 8am–6pm).

    What are the electricity and gas rates?

    By signing up to the Simple Saver plan, you can be confident that you’ve locked in our lowest available energy rates.

    The rates are outlined in the Simple Saver pricing brochures:

    Simple Saver plan electricity prices - ACT

    Simple Saver plan gas prices - ACT

    Simple Saver plan electricity prices - NSW

    Simple Saver plan gas prices - NSW

    I’m on a demand or time-of-use pricing plan, can I choose the Simple Saver plan and keep my current pricing plan?

    No, sorry. If you accept the Simple Saver plan, you’ll be billed at the set rates outlined in the Simple Saver pricing brochures:

    Simple Saver plan electricity prices - ACT

    Simple Saver plan gas prices - ACT

    Simple Saver plan electricity prices - NSW

    Simple Saver plan gas prices - NSW

    Do I have to go on direct debit EvenPay?

    Yes, signing up to EvenPay is a requirement of the Simple Saver plan. In fact it’s actually one of the benefits of this great plan.

    With EvenPay, you’ll remove bill shock and be able to better manage your budget with easy, predictable payments. You’ll always know exactly how much you’re going to pay and when.

    Rather than paying a seasonal bill, EvenPay smooths your annual energy bill over smaller fortnightly or monthly automatic payments. Every six months we’ll recalculate your payment amount based on your usage, so you only pay for the energy you use.

  • Do I need a new meter?

    No, you can choose this plan regardless of your existing meter type.

    Are there any associated fees?

    No. There’s no fee to sign up to the Simple Saver plan or to terminate your contract if you decide later that it doesn’t work for you.

    What if I move home?

    If you move during the 12-month benefit period, your Simple Saver plan will end. If Simple Saver is still available when you move, and you still meet the eligibility criteria, you can sign up to the plan at your new address. If it’s no longer available, you can choose a new energy plan that works for you and your new home. We can help you if you’re unsure.

    There will be no exit fee to close your account before the end of the benefit period. We do have a moving fee for changing your address and there may also be other associated moving fees. Contact us to find out more.

    How do I sign up?

    You can sign up to Simple Saver online in just a few clicks or by calling our local, dedicated energy experts on 13 14 93.


    When will the plan start?

    For existing ActewAGL customers, your plan term will start as soon as you accept the terms and conditions.

    If you’re a new ActewAGL customer, your plan term will start once we’ve received your meter reading after the cooling off period. Depending on when your next meter reading is, this may take up to three months. If you’d like to start sooner, we can arrange a special out-of-cycle meter read at a cost.

  • Eligibility criteria

    To be eligible for the Simple Saver energy plan you will need to have agreed to:

    • Set up EvenPay

      You can make changes or cancel the above after you take up this energy plan. This will not impact your benefits.

      EvenPay is a direct debit payment arrangement. ActewAGL’s Direct debit service agreement, which includes EvenPay conditions, and Your rights and obligations can be found at

      Terms and conditions

      Things you need to know

      By signing up using this form, you agree that you’re happy to sign up to the Simple Saver plan (“the Plan”) which is an Ongoing Market Retail Contract with an initial 12 month benefit period for your electricity and gas. 

      Your first benefit period commences from when you accept the Plan or from when your account commences with ActewAGL if ActewAGL is not your current energy retailer. 

      The Plan is only available to residential customers with electricity or both electricity and natural gas supplied to their premises. 

      You will be billed at energy charge rates published in the Simple Saver pricing brochure. 

      If your direct debit EvenPay payment arrangement is cancelled, contact ActewAGL immediately to discuss your options.

      If you’re a joint account holder, this agreement covers you both. 

      The Plan does not apply to any miscellaneous ActewAGL charges, Greenchoice products or any government taxes, fees, charges or levies. 

      The Plan is not available in conjunction with any other plans, offers or discounts. 

      Under ActewAGL’s Small Generator Buyback Scheme, a solar buyback rate of 8.0c/kWh applies to the Plan. 

      Following acceptance of the Plan, you will be supplied with information relevant to the Plan including pricing, terms and conditions, a single written disclosure statement and cancellation and cooling-off notice. 

      You can cancel your agreement anytime by notifying ActewAGL in writing at ActewAGL Retail, 40 Bunda Street, Canberra ACT, 2600 by calling 13 14 93 or by emailing

      You have the right to a Standard Retail Contract with the designated retailer for your area that may not include a credit or a discount on your electricity or gas account. 

      You can raise disputes with ActewAGL. If you’re unhappy with the resolution provided, ACT residents can raise the dispute with the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal by calling 02 6207 7740 and NSW residents can raise the dispute with the Energy and Water ombudsman NSW by calling 1800 246 545.

      ActewAGL will contact you before your energy plan end date about a new benefit period. Your contract may be continued if you do not contact ActewAGL by the expiry of the energy plan.


    If you are not currently an ActewAGL customer, ActewAGL will become your retailer for electricity and gas after your next meter read which may take up to 4 months.

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