How much home energy do you get for $4?

For the cost of a takeaway coffee, you can energise your home for the day (and more).


Sure working from home has its perks—no commute, track pants and access to snacks, to name a few. But it has its downsides too. For starters, coffee connoisseurs may be not be getting their daily barista-made takeaway latte fix. Plus, with laptops and monitors plugged in and the lighting and heating on all day, you may be concerned about the impact your increased home energy use may have on your next bill. So we set our energy experts to the test.

For the cost of your usual daily $4 takeaway coffee, exactly how much home energy do you get? The result: a lot. Now you can put your mind at ease knowing that you’re working from home energy needs are covered…even if it means drinking instant coffee—for now. For more advice on how to better managing your energy usage, check out our tips to save energy.  

For the cost of your daily coffee, you get ALL this home energy

Home Energy infographic  

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