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Move my meter

What to do to relocate your meter.


Electricity meters

  • We need to know the exact date of the move, at least three weeks in advance.

    You should:

    • Book your electrician in to do the work (at least three weeks in the future).
    • Advise us of the date and time of the move by emailing
    • We need advance notice so we can ensure the metering aligns with this date.

    The relocation of your meter will mostly likely be done by your meter provider. Any questions contact

  • If you have a basic meter and want it moved, we’ll upgrade you to a new meter in the different location. That’s because once a basic meter comes off it can’t go back on.

    If you’re in the ACT, your electrician needs to contact Evoenergy (13 10 93) and complete the relevant forms. Once Evoenergy has provided you with a date and time, please let us know by emailing so we can coordinate to have a meter installer on site.

    Important to note for ACT premises.
    The installation won’t be able to go ahead if you have aerial powerlines attached to an overhead connection point at your premises and there’s damage to your timber barge board. If you notice the barge board is old or needs repair, call us on 1300 815 815 and we’ll walk you through next steps and delay your electricity meter replacement. For more information on barge boards, visit:

    If you’re in NSW, your electrician needs to contact your local distributor, either Essential Energy or Endeavour Energy.

Life support equipment

If your address is registered for life support protections, someone must be present during the upgrade to ensure the safety of the person on life support. Please note that work will not proceed unless a support person is on site.

Move and upgrade my electricity meter

We’ll remove your old electricity meter and install a new meter in a different location within 15 business days. On the form, make sure you let us know that a meter relocation is also required within the “Additional Notes” field. Please provide us with at least three weeks’ notice for us to arrange for our metering coordinator to be on site.

Request move and upgrade

Gas meters

To relocate a gas meter:

  1. Click the ‘Move my gas meter’ request below and complete the form.
  2. We send your request to your gas distributor for a quote to complete the move.
  3. We contact you with the quote.
  4. You approve the quote to proceed.
  5. We’ll send a work order to your gas distributor for work to be completed.

You’ll see the charges on your next bill from us.

Any questions?

Our metering team is happy to assist.
Call us on 1300 815 815, Monday – Friday, 8.30am – 5pm
Or email

Move my gas meter

We’ll work with your gas distributor to relocate your meter within 20 to 60 business days.

Download the form
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