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Customer Service Charter

We're committed to exceptional service and working with customers to fulfil expectations and needs.

A summary of the rights, entitlements and obligations for electricity and natural gas residential and small business customers in the ACT.

This is a summary of your rights, entitlements and obligations relating to the supply of electricity or natural gas.

For further details, please refer to your agreement or contact us on 13 14 93.

For the purposes of this summary:

  • If you have accepted an offer from us to enter into a market agreement, you are a market retail contract customer. In this case, the terms, conditions, charges and period of your agreement are set out in your market agreement.

  • If we supply energy to you under a non-market agreement, you are a standard retail contract customer. Energy is supplied to you in accordance with Standard Retail Contract terms that are prescribed by law.

Download a printable version of the Customer Service Charter

ActewAGL Customer Service Charter

  • For a market retail contract customer, your agreement consists of the terms and conditions of your energy plan. This information was sent to you, in a welcome pack, upon signing up to a new market offer.

    For a standard retail contract customer, your agreement consists of the Standard Retail Contract terms, standing offer prices and any other fees or charges published on our website that may be applicable.

  • If you’re a market retail contract customer and the terms of your agreement allow it, we may vary your agreement. This could include the varying of charges or the terms and conditions. If we do this, we will send a notice to you, in accordance with the terms of your agreement (including any energy plan). Some energy plans may say that we won’t vary certain charges during the life of the energy plan.

    If you’re a standard retail contract customer, the terms and conditions are set by regulations.

  • Yes. We need safe, convenient and easy access to the meter on your premises so that it can be read, as well as for maintenance, connection and disconnection purposes.

    If you don’t provide this access and we bill you based on an estimate of your usage, we may charge you an additional fee if you ask for a bill based on your actual usage.

  • If you are a market retail contract customer, your agreement has this information. It can also be found on our website.

    If you are a standard retail contract customer, our standing offer prices are published on our website, together with other fees or charges.

  • The amount you need to pay is shown on each bill, as well as the date the payment is due. We will provide you with a range of options to pay your bill, which may include payment in person, online, phone, mail or by direct debit.

    You also have the option to pay your bills by EvenPay. This is a bill smoothing arrangement, based on a 12-month estimate of your energy consumption. Please contact us if you would like to know more about this option.

  • We will send you a bill at the end of every billing cycle, which is usually every 3 months.

  • Your bill is based on how much energy you use during a billing period. This information is sent to us by the distributor, who reads your meter to measure the amount of energy that has been used. When they are unable to read your meter, they send us an estimate of your usage instead.

    Your bill can also include other fees and charges (in accordance with your agreement), as well as any credits or discounts. Your agreement has more information about this.

  • If you are experiencing financial difficulties, there are payment options and programs available to you. We are here to help whether you’re after short or long term support and we will work with you to find a solution.

  • We’ll only arrange for you to be disconnected in accordance with your agreement, or after we have followed every step and procedure as set out in the regulatory requirements.

  • If you are moving out of your home, please contact us beforehand to cancel your current agreement. At the same time, we can assist you to set up a new arrangement for your new home.

  • If you are a market retail contract customer, you have a cooling off period. During this time, you can cancel your agreement at no cost. Your agreement sets out what you need to do in order to exercise this right.

  • In addition to any cooling off rights that you have, your agreement gives you details about what you need to do should you want to end your agreement early. For example, in some cases, this might mean you are required to pay an exit fee. See the details section of your agreement.

  • We may end your agreement by giving you notice in accordance with your agreement. Refer to your agreement for more details.

  • We collect, use, hold and disclose your personal and credit related information as set out in our privacy statement and credit reporting policy.

    Our credit reporting statement explains who we share your credit information with, including overseas service providers. It also explains how this could impact your ability to get credit, and how you can access, correct or raise concerns about it. You can request a paper copy at any time.

  • If you have an enquiry, complaint or dispute, including about your bill or any marketing activity, please contact us via one of the means below. We’ll handle your complaint and let you know the outcome in accordance with our standard complaints and dispute resolution procedure. You can also ask us to send you a copy.

    Phone: 13 14 93

    Mail: GPO Box 366, Canberra ACT 2601

    If you’re not satisfied with how your complaint has been resolved, you can contact the energy ombudsman. In the Australian Capital Territory, this is the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal on 02 6207 1740 or at

  • If you’re in the ACT, we must meet the Guaranteed Service Levels set out below. If we don’t meet a GSL, we will pay you the rebate amount also set out below.

    What are the Guaranteed Service Levels?


    What we must and must not do

    Rebate amount per account

    Connection times

    If you have asked us to sell energy to you, we must connect you in the timeframes below if:

    • your supply address is physically connected to the electricity or gas network; and

    • you are eligible to receive energy

    $60 per day up to a cap of $300

    Connection request time

    We must connect you

    If your connection request is made before 2pm on business day.

    On the same day. 

    If your connection request is made at or after 2pm on a business day.

    By the end of the next business day.

    If your connection request is made on a non-business day.

    By the end of the next business day.


    On a day agreed between you and us

    Wrongful disconnection

    We must not disconnect you if you are not entitled to do so under regulation.


    Responding to complaints

    If you make a complaint, we'll acknowledge it immediately or as soon as practicable, and respond to it within 20 business days.


    Notice of planned interruption to energy supply

    If we or our service provider plans to do work, such as maintenance, a meter replacement or other work to energy infrastructure which would mean you won't have energy supply, we will:

    • give you at least 4 business days' notice (unless you have agreed to a shorter time);

    • tell you the likely date, time and duration of the energy supply interruption, and the reason why it's happening; and

    • give you a number to contact us if you have any enquiries.


  • We monitor our performance against the Guaranteed Service Levels. If we don't meet a Guaranteed Service Levels, we will pay you the relevant rebate as soon as practicable. You do not need to apply for the rebate. We will most likely apply a credit to your account, although we may also pay it by electronic funds transfer to your bank account, by cheque, or as otherwise agreed with you. We will let you know if a rebate has been paid and to which Guaranteed Service Levels it relates.

  • Please contact us to let us know. We will review your claim and pay you the relevant rebate if we have failed to meet the Guaranteed Service Level.

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