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Credit Reporting Policy

In this Credit Reporting Policy, "we", "our", and "us" refers to ActewAGL Retail (ABN 46 221 314 841), a partnership of AGL ACT Retail Investments Pty Ltd (ABN 53 093 631 586) and Icon Retail Investments Ltd (ABN 23 074 371 207) and its related bodies corporate.

Generally, our Privacy Policy applies to our handling of your personal information. This Credit Reporting Policy applies more specifically to our handling of credit information, credit eligibility information and credit reporting body derived information about you (“credit related information”). The terms of any contract for the provision of services to you may also include terms applicable to our management of your personal information.

  • Credit related information that we hold about you may be used and disclosed by us as permitted by applicable privacy laws and associated codes of conduct. This includes:

    1. responding to your credit related inquiries;
    2. assessing your application for credit. This may include producing an assessment or rating in relation to your creditworthiness. This helps us decide whether to provide credit to you and to manage our relationship with you;
    3. managing credit arrangements;
    4. collecting payments owing;
    5. disclosing your credit related information to credit reporting bodies and other third party service providers, such as debt collectors, credit management agencies, data processors and information brokers;
    6. disclosing your credit related information to other energy providers that provide, or may provide, credit to you;
    7. disclosing your credit related information to a guarantor or other authorised representative;
    8. managing any access or correction request made by you;
    9. handling any complaint you make to us, a regulator or any provider of a recognised external dispute resolution scheme; and
    10. complying with any legal obligation or court or tribunal order.

    The third parties described above may be located in Australia, India, the Philippines, New Zealand, Malaysia and other countries. The countries named in this policy may change from time to time. An up-to-date list of these countries is available on request. Alternatively, see the current version of this policy at ActewAGL Privacy Policy.

  • The credit reporting bodies we may use include:

    Equifax,, 13 83 32.

    Experian,, 1300 783 684.

    To view their policies on management of credit related information, including how to access your credit related information held by them, contact these bodies directly or visit their websites.

    You have a right to request credit reporting bodies not to:

    1. use your credit related information to determine your eligibility to receive direct marketing from credit providers; and
    2. use or disclose your credit related information, if you have been or are likely to be a victim of fraud.

  • We hold credit related information (in hard copy form and electronically) both at our own premises and those of our service providers. We use various measures to protect the security of that information. We also take reasonable steps to destroy or de-identify your information when no longer required for any purpose permitted or required by law.

  • We will take reasonable steps to ensure that your credit related information is accurate, up to date and complete. We will, on request, provide you with access to your credit related information except where giving access would be unlawful or otherwise as set out in applicable privacy laws. We will notify you of the basis for any refusal of access. You may be asked:

    1. to complete a Personal Information Access Request Form;
    2. to verify your identity in writing, and/or
    3. if the inquiry involves extensive administration time or resources, to pay a fee. In this case, we will advise the likely cost in advance and can help refine your request if required.

    We will, on request and within 30 days of your request (or such longer period as you may agree), take reasonable steps to correct credit related information where we are satisfied that it is inaccurate, out-of-date, incomplete, irrelevant or misleading. Where necessary, we may consult with other credit providers and credit reporting bodies in relation to your request.

    If your credit related information is corrected, we will notify you (and to the extent that it is practical and required by law, any other credit provider and credit reporting body to whom we have disclosed that information). If we do not correct your credit related information, we will notify you within a reasonable period, setting out our reasons and your options if you are not satisfied with our response.

  • If you consider that we have breached our obligations under applicable privacy laws or this Policy, you may lodge a complaint.

    If your complaint relates to access or correction of your credit related information, you may lodge a complaint with:

    1. the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (see ); or
    2. a provider of a recognised external dispute resolution scheme notified by us.

    We will notify any other credit provider and credit reporting body to whom we have disclosed your information of your complaint and the outcome of that complaint, unless it is impracticable or illegal for us to do so.

    If your complaint relates to other matters, please lodge a complaint with us in accordance with the procedure set out in ActewAGL Retail’s Privacy Policy.

  • You can contact us by email at or call us on 13 14 93.

  • This policy will be reviewed from time to time to reflect new laws, business practices and technologies. The current version can be viewed at

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