Pricing plans for smart meter at home

Options for lowering your home energy bill.

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If you upgrade to a home smart meter, you'll be automatically put on a demand pricing plan. But you may also like to consider time-of-use pricing and Certain Saver. Here's more information so you can find the best pricing plan for you.


Demand pricing

You’re in control

With a demand pricing plan, you can see your electricity usage and peak demand patterns by logging in to your My.ActewAGL account.

The lower your half-hourly usage between 5 - 8pm AEST, the lower your demand charge will be, reducing your overall bill.

Why move to a demand pricing plan?

More equitable

Each household is charged for the level of demand it places on the network during the daily peak period of 5 - 8pm AEST.

Outside of this daily peak period, you'll have access one of the lowest electricity usage charges of all of ActewAGL’s plans. If you can spread your usage outside the peak period of 5 - 8pm, there are real savings to be made.

More control

A demand pricing plan gives you an opportunity to lower your electricity bills, simply by using some appliances outside the daily peak period.

How it works

Demand pricing measures residential demand on the electricity network during the daily 5 - 8pm peak demand window.

This window is when the biggest overall load is placed on the network by households. Demand pricing is designed to reflect the cost to the network of this load in a more equitable way.

Learn more about how demand pricing is calculated.

Make demand pricing work for you

Shift your usage

Time-shift some appliances like dryers and washing machines to outside the peak period. You can set and forget by plugging timers into power points for appliances that don’t have a timer built in.

Spread your usage

Spread out your individual appliance usage over the 5 - 8pm peak period. This will help you avoid a big peak during any 30 minute interval.

Consider gas

Consider gas for some of your energy needs.

Change to a demand pricing plan

You’ll be taken to My.ActewAGL to change your plan. If you’d like to talk call 13 14 93.

Change my plan

Time-of-use pricing

What is time-of-use pricing?

Time-of-use pricing is a powerful way to save money by taking advantage of different electricity prices at different times of the day. The cost of electricity is highest during peak periods (e.g. early in the evening) and cheapest during off-peak periods (e.g. later at night). With time-of-use pricing, you save money by changing your habits and using your appliances during ‘shoulder’ and ‘off-peak’ periods rather than ‘peak’ periods.

How is time-of-use pricing calculated?

Time-of-use pricing is made up of four charges. For a home, this includes:

  1. Supply charge: A fixed price per day.
  2. Energy consumption at 'peak times': c/kwh rate applied to your usage between 7am - 9am AEST, and between 5pm - 8pm AEST daily.
  3. Energy consumption at 'shoulder' times: c/kwh rate applied to your usage between 9am - 5pm AEST, and between 8pm - 10pm AEST daily.
  4. Energy consumption at 'off-peak' times: c/kwh rate applied to consumption for all other times.

Tips for managing time-of-use

  • Which appliances could you use during off-peak and shoulder periods? Think about changing when you use the dishwasher, clothes dryer and washing machine. This is called 'time shifting'.
  • 'Set and forget' appliances like dishwashers by plugging timers into power points for appliances that don't already have a timer built-in.
  • Set your air conditioner to a more energy-efficient heating or cooling temperature. For winter this would be between 18 - 20 degrees and for summer this would be 23 - 25 degrees.

Learn about your usage

You may already have a meter that is capable of having time-of-use pricing at your property. Eligible meters for this pricing plan are the time-of-use meter and the smart meter. Unsure whether this applies to you? Check out our helpful page on meters for more information.

A smart meter means you can track your electricity usage and make the most of time-of-use pricing.

With a smart meter, you’ll learn about your household’s yearly, monthly and daily electricity consumption, including how much you’re using at different times of day. Data is available in 30 minute increments in My.ActewAGL.

Move to time-of-use pricing

Register to upgrade to a smart meter and move to time-of-use pricing.

Upgrade my meter

Certain Saver

You can upgrade to a smart meter with our Certain Saver plan. It's an easy, set-and-forget plan that rewards you with ongoing savings. You can be confident that your energy prices won't go up, but will actually go down every July. Plus you get energy price certainty by locking in great low rates until June 2022. And if you move anywhere in the ACT, you can take the plan with you.

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