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Renewable energy generation

Read about our feed-in tariffs and buyback schemes.

Gas and electricity plans in NSW

Current schemes

  • This scheme is available for renewable energy generators connected to the electricity network.

    ACT and NSW customers should refer to their specific energy plan regarding tariffs and the solar buyback rate.*

    Our Small Generator Buyback Scheme is an ActewAGL initiative and not a government-mandated scheme. It is subject to ongoing eligibility requirements, and we may at any time vary the rate or withdraw the scheme without notice.

    Terms and conditions and FAQs

Closed schemes

  • The ACT Government closed the feed-in tariff scheme to new applications at midnight on 13 July 2011. The applicable legislation governing this scheme is the Electricity Feed-in (Renewable Energy Premium) Act 2008 (ACT) (“FiT Act”).

    The ACT feed-in tariff contract Medium renewable energy generator contract (“FiT medium contract”) is only applicable in the following circumstances:
    1. Customers who are eligible entities and who have a current FiT medium contract in place; or
    2. For customers who become an eligible entity in accordance with the FiT Act.
    For example a customer may become an eligible entity when they purchase a property which has an installed compliant generator. This customer is then required to make an application to ActewAGL Retail to enter into the FiT contract.

    The Feed-in Tariff scheme was implemented in accordance with the Electricity Feed-in (Renewable Energy Premium) Act 2008 (the Feed-in Act).
    If you move into a property with an existing compliant generator, you’re entitled to receive the feed-in tariff from the date you commence occupying the premises (subject to meeting all other requirements under the Feed-in Act).

    To start receiving the feed-in tariff under this scheme, you’ll need to complete an application for Electricity Feed-in Renewable Energy Generation scheme and accept the terms and conditions of our ACT Feed-in Tariff contract.

    For further questions call 13 14 93.

  • Customers connected to the ActewAGL '1 for 1’ scheme remain eligible for payment of the ‘1 for 1’ scheme tariff at their current address until 30 June 2020 (subject to continued compliance with the eligibility requirements of the scheme).

    The ‘1 for 1’ scheme is not available to customers who move into a property that has a generator connected under the previous scheme.

    The ‘1 for 1’ scheme can’t be transferred to another property.

    Terms and conditions
    1. ActewAGL’s ‘1 for 1’ scheme closed at midnight 30 June 2013 and was available to renewable energy generators with less than 30 kilowatts of generation capacity connected to ActewAGL Distribution’s electricity network in the ACT.
    2. Subject to (6), existing scheme compliant generators remain compliant and eligible for payment under the scheme until the scheme expires at midnight on 30 June 2020.
    3. ActewAGL will purchase exported electricity from a customer’s  scheme compliant generator at:
      1. the customer’s published tariff energy rate(s) for non-time of use residential plan customers
      2. the customer’s published tariff energy rate(s) for non-time of-use business plan customers
      3. the customer’s published tariff shoulder energy rate for time of-use residential plan customers
      4. the customer’s published tariff evening energy rate for time of-use business plan customers.
    4. Imported electricity will be billed at the customer’s published or contracted tariff energy rate(s).  The customer must continue to pay the supply charge and any other applicable charges.
    5. For the purpose of this scheme a customer is the person whose name appears on the electricity account for the premises.
    6. After midnight on 30 June 2013 an existing scheme compliant generator forfeits ongoing eligibility to the scheme upon any of the following:
      1. the customer ceases to hold the electricity account for the premises at which the generator was originally installed and connected under the scheme;
      2. the generator is relocated from the premises at which it was originally installed and connected under the scheme, or
      3. the generating capacity of the generator that was originally installed and connected under the scheme is increased.
    7. ‘Imported electricity’ means electricity flowing through the customer’s meter from the electricity network into the customer’s premises.
    8. ‘Exported electricity’ means electricity generated by the scheme compliant generator that results in energy flowing through the customer’s electricity meter from the customer’s premises into the electricity network.
    9. GST will be added to the generation purchase amount where the customer is registered to charge GST.
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