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Three ways to save when heating and cooling your home.

Canberra and its surrounds enjoy an average of 7.7 hours of sunshine daily. However, with its warm, dry summers and crisp, cool winters, living in the region means heating and cooling your home needs to be managed, particularly as it’s estimated heating and cooling accounts for around 40% of the average household bill.

By implementing some or all these strategies, you can put money back in your pocket when heating and cooling your home and reduce your carbon footprint.

Preserving your home’s energy

When heating and cooling your house, you can take advantage of what is naturally around you. For example, air leaks can lead to draughts meaning letting in unwanted hot or cold air. Seal any gaps around windows and doors by adding weather stripping or caulk to draughty areas. In winter, place draught excluders by doors to prevent gusts from coming through the gaps.

When running your air conditioning or heating, keep doors closed to unoccupied rooms. This will prevent valuable hot or cold air from escaping where you need it. If you’re running air conditioning or a ceiling fan, opening multiple windows at night can create a pleasant through-draught that will cool your home down as you sleep.

In the winter, open your blinds or curtains during the day to let in warm natural light and help warm your home. In the summer, close blinds and curtains to keep out the sun's heat.

Reducing the energy your home uses

As well as preserving energy, your goal could be to reduce the amount of energy your home uses. Keep all your heating and cooling appliances maintained and serviced so they run optimally. Dirty air conditioner filters can reduce the efficiency of your system.

Turning your air conditioner temperature down by 1°C can lower your energy usage by as much as 10%. Try to keep it set somewhere between 18°C and 20°C in the winter and 23°C and 25°C in the summer for maximum, energy-efficient consistency.

It goes without saying that when the temperatures drop, wrapping up in warm clothing will help you lower your heating bill. Likewise in summer, it’s time to peel away those layers. Natural fibres like cotton are breathable and keep you cooler.

Using alternatives to stay warm or cool

Consider using alternatives to central heating and air conditioners depending on your requirements. For example, ceiling fans circulate air and make you feel cooler without actually lowering the temperature. Cheaper to run than air conditioners, ceiling fans can help you save money on your energy bill. Set them to rotate counterclockwise in summer to push air down, helping to create a cooling effect, and clockwise in winter to pull cool air up.

Switching to an electric blanket will help you stay warm instead of using heating when the temperatures drop. Being energy efficient, electric blankets are cheaper to run and will keep you snug when in bed or relaxing on the sofa.


  • Seal air leaks

  • Swap air conditioning for ceiling fans

  • Turn your air conditioning temperature down by 1°C

  • Cosy up with an electric blanket

  • Dress for the seasons

  • Keep your heating and cooling appliances maintained

  • Natural light is your weapon, use it wisely

  • Keep doors closed to unoccupied rooms

  • Open windows at night during summer

ActewAGL's energy saving tips are designed to help you take control of your energy use, while reducing your bills and environmental impact. Save with great value energy plans backed by our sustainability promise, supported by 100% local, award-winning service - so you can LIVE A Good Life now and into the future.

For more information about how you can transition to an energy-efficient home visit the SolarHub & ActewAGL Smart Energy Hub today.


Disclaimer: These Energy Savings tips and articles are for information purposes only. Please ensure you are aware of any safety precautions before operating appliances or products.

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