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Five ways you can recycle locally.

Recycling supports a circular economy, reduces waste from products, by products and energy and makes a significant contribution to sustainable living. There are many ways to recycle locally in the region thanks to ACT Government programs to encourage recycling and reduce waste, and plenty of grassroots, community-implemented charities are working locally.

Here we share five great ways to recycle in the region and contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable city.

  1. Support sustainable community projects by donating your plastic bottle lids to Lids4Kids

    Founded by Canberra-based, full-time house dad Tim Miller, Lids4Kids is a local charity that recycles items too small for local council collection bins. After incredible success over recent years, Lids4Kids now has public drop-off points all over Australia.

    Lids4Kids uses your donated small recyclable items like soft bottle lids, plastic bread tags, and wine and beer bottle screw-top lids for sustainable community projects and initiatives nationwide. If you’d like to donate to Lids4Kids, you can drop off small recyclables at The Hub, 141 Canberra Avenue, Fyshwick. Monday-Friday 10 am-2 pm and second Saturday of the month 12 pm-3.30 pm.

  2. Give unwanted items a new home by donating them to Goodies Junction

    Donate books, furniture, clothing or bikes you no longer need to Goodies Junction rather than throw them into landfill. This initiative recycles unwanted but usable items by selling them. By providing household goods at affordable prices, Goodies Junction supports Canberra residents on low incomes.

    Drop off unwanted items at Goodies Junction's Mugga Lane or Mitchell Resource Management Centre.

  3. Donate unused bikes and parts to the ReCyclery

    The ReCyclery is a community bicycle workshop, with tools, experienced mechanics, and volunteers who give pre-loved bikes a second chance at life to be passed on to someone who needs one.

    If you would like some wheels to get around town but don’t necessarily want to spend a fortune, you can purchase a refurbished bike knowing the money your spending is helping divert waste from landfill and assisting the Canberra Environment Centre to continue their community education programs.
    Corner of Lennox Crossing and Lawson Crescent, Acton 2601

  4. Support Roundabout Canberra

    Roundabout Canberra provides safe, quality essential children’s items to families in need. They accept pre-loved baby and children’s goods in excellent and clean condition including bottles, feeding items, highchairs steriliser, baby baths, baby towels, change tables, nappy bags, activity mats, books, bouncers, play pens, safety gates, bassinets, prams, sleeping bags, toys and clothing.
    80 Beaurepaire Cres, Holt ACT at the Holt Community Hub.

  5. Put cash in your pocket with the ACT Container Deposit Scheme

    Designed to help people to recycle their beverage containers and reduce litter, the ACT Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) is a brilliant local recycling program. By taking containers to one of 21 ACT CDS collection points, you’ll get 10 cents for each eligible container you return.

    Eligible containers include beverage containers made from glass, plastic, aluminium, and steel, with a volume between 150ml and 3L. Your containers will be inspected on arrival, counted and your refund amount will be calculated. Depending on the collection point, you can receive it in cash or credited to a digital wallet.
    Making extra cash and keeping Canberra clean has never been easier! Find your nearest ACT Container Deposit Scheme return points here.


  • Donate your small recyclable items like soft bottle lids, plastic bread tags, and wine and beer bottle screw-top lids to Lids4Kids. They will be used towards sustainable community projects and initiatives nationwide.

  • Buy or donate used bikes at the ReCyclery to support the Canberra Environment Centre.

  • Donate unwanted books, furniture, clothing, or bikes to one of The Green Shed’s donation centres. They will be resold at a fair price across its community shops and outlets.

  • Support Roundabout Canberra by donating essential children’s items to families in need.

  • Donate your used, eligible beverage containers to one of Canberra’s 21 ACT Container Deposit Scheme points, and you’ll receive 10 cents for each container you return.

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