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Walk, talk and eat like a Canberran


So, you’re new to Canberra, and here to set up your home in one of the most liveable cities in the world. Need some help getting to know the city? You’ve come to the right place. We’re long-time locals—along with our predecessors, we’ve been proudly Canberran for over 100 years. Here’s what you need to know. 


Connect with Canberra’s powerfully local energy retailer.

It’s from the heart of the city that we deliver the best, most personal experience possible, with a team who all live here too. We truly understand our region’s legendary seasons and your unique energy needs. So when you’re deciding which of our latest plans fits your energy needs best, come and talk to one of our local Energy Consultants, right here in Canberra.

Because we’re truly local, you can drop by and take a seat at our Energy Bar for face-to-face tailored advice. You’ll find us at 40 Bunda St Canberra, Monday–Friday 9am–5pm.

You can also call and speak to our local Energy Consultants on 13 14 93, Monday–Friday 8am–6pm.

We’re here to help with any questions you might have about your energy needs, as well as a great cafe recommendation if you need one too.

Discover your local shops.

Canberra is a gastronome’s delight, renowned for discreet suburban shops housing hatted restaurants. Next time you’re wandering around your area, be on the lookout for any unsuspecting eateries. If you don’t know where to begin, the Australian Good Food Guide will get you started on the right plate.

Embrace active transport.

We’re sure you’ve noticed how much we love our roundabouts, but did you know many of us actually prefer active transport to driving? It’s very common to leave our cars at home (bearable temperatures permitting) and opt for bike riding, walking or our new personal favourite, e-scooting.

Our cycling paths host all kinds of bikes, roller blades, skateboards and scooters—and we mean all kinds, an actual penny-farthing bike rides through the city occasionally. And don’t fret if you don’t own wheels, we have a great supply of share services for bikes and e-scooters.

Winter uniform.

Zip into our unofficial winter uniform by investing in a puffer jacket. Take it from us, when you head out to cheer on our Powerhouse partner, the Canberra Raiders, at GIO Stadium in late August, you’ll be glad you paid extra for the one with the hood!

Your puffer jacket will save you from the winter wind, but what about when you’re at home? If you’ve got a power-hungry heating and cooling unit, it may be time to update through our appliance upgrade offers—you’ll get both instant and ongoing savings on your energy bills.

Where’s Canberra’s ‘coast’?

For those of us in the bush capital, we can boast that 70% of the ACT is pure open space, parkland and natural reserves. But our long-time love of ‘the coast’ refers to the NSW South Coast, being about an hour and a half drive away and where many Canberrans retreat for summer. If you also have a house at ‘the coast’, let us know, because our energy flows all the way from Nowra to Eden! While splashing in that crystal-clear water, keep an eye out—chances are you’ll bump into a Canberra colleague or neighbour there too.

Name that suburb.

Canberra’s rich and diverse culture is celebrated in some of our suburb names. Pronouncing particular suburbs and landmarks can be both daunting and difficult for new arrivals. Honestly, it’s a rite of passage to mispronounce Manuka but just so you know, Canberrans collectively agree it’s pronounced Mahn-eh-kah. But if you’re someone who likes to prepare, Canberra Times have a handy guide.

Bridge to Bridge.

Lake Burley Griffin, LBG, the lake is the physical and spiritual centre of Canberra. Whether you’re a latte and laughs walker or a serious runner, some or all of the 40km frontage will likely become your regular route. The 5km central portion of the lake, bookended by Kings Avenue and Commonwealth Avenue is known locally as ‘Bridge to Bridge’.

This loop will take you anywhere from 50–120 minutes to walk, depending on how many dogs you stop to pat. You’ll find hubs of activity along the path, from a pop-up bar to fishermen, a Segway tour or the Olympic rowing team out training.

Wine not explore the vineyards?

We live for day trips and long weekends—Canberra is surrounded by amazing wine country, including 140+ wineries, making an afternoon among the vines a regular thing.

If you’re less of a wine connoisseur and prefer a spirit, beer or you just love a great atmosphere, home-grown brewing legends Bentspoke Brewing, Capital Brewing and Big River Distilling will deliver all that and more.

Embrace the arts.

Art lovers are spoilt for choice with the rolling schedule of magnificent exhibitions at our more than 50 museums and galleries and countless cultural festivals. If you’re looking to indulge all your senses, Canberra Symphony Orchestra will have a masterpiece ready for your ears’ enjoyment.

As one of the capital region's longest-standing and heritage businesses, let us officially welcome you to your new home! Canberra is one of the easiest cities in the world to live, and in our unbiased opinions, the lifestyle is second to none

As you set off to make this beautiful region home, don’t forget that we’re your neighbours. If you have questions about your energy needs, want personalised tips on how to waste less and save more, or more local insights, reach out. Drop by, give us a call or contact us online. We’d love to chat.

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