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A lightbulb moment for Gungahlin Lakes Golf and Community Club

Wednesday 27 March 2019

ActewAGL's Big Business Light Switch (BBLS) has been helping businesses across Canberra save hundreds of dollars on their lighting costs.Since the program was launched by the ACT’s leading energy provider in early 2017, 2500 businesses, including 10 local clubs, have reaped the rewards - both financially and environmentally.

The biggest switch involved Clubs ACT member Gungahlin Lakes Golf & Community Club, which replaced almost 400 lights with more energy efficient solutions, resulting in an annual saving of more than $5000.

ActewAGL’s BBLS offers free or subsidised energy efficient lighting in a bid to encourage businesses to phase out old fluorescent lights that are a drain on both the budget and the environment.

Manager of Energy Efficiency at ActewAGL Todd Eagles said the replacement LED lights use less energy and require significantly less maintenance, which translates into real dollar savings.

Manager of Energy Efficiency at ActewAGL, Todd Eagles

Manager of Energy Efficiency at ActewAGL, Todd Eagles "Thousands of Canberra businesses have had their lights upgraded by ActewAGL. Schools, cafes, retail outlets and warehouses are now using less energy to make their businesses brighter,”

Mr Eagles said. "For most businesses, BBLS is free. In cases where there are charges to use specific LED lights or specialist installation equipment, the break-even is under 1.5 years, which we believe is a smart investment."

“Our new LED lighting provides more light per globe and cost up to 80% less to run”. Said Simon Patterson, CEO Ainslie Group.
“Not only have we found the obvious savings in terms of energy consumption, but the maintenance costs associated with regularly checking and replacing fluoro lamps were also significant”.
“This is an excellent scheme, with many benefits for local businesses. We are very happy with the outcome of light upgrade and we encourage others to make the switch to save.”

For more information, visit Commercial lighting upgrades.

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