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ActewAGL and Evie Networks announce a new public EV charging station in Gungahlin.

26 September 2023

ActewAGL, in partnership with Evie Networks, has advanced local electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure by introducing another public EV charging station in Gungahlin. Located at the Amaroo Village Shopping Centre, this development marks a positive shift towards more sustainable and accessible EV charging options for the local community.

Situated at shop 1, 11 Pioneer Street, Amaroo, the charging station is designed with public convenience in mind, strategically positioned within the shopping centre's car park. Users can effortlessly charge their car at the chargers via the Evie Networks charging app.

Featuring 22kW dual-port wall-mounted EV chargers, the station can simultaneously accommodate up to four electric vehicles, making charging at the shopping centre a breeze. The chargers offer a practical option for EV owners with longer dwell time for when they are shopping or don't have access to charging at their residence.

This charging station was funded as part of the ACT Government's Public EV Charging Infrastructure Fund and contributes to the Government's commitment to have 180 public EV chargers available in the ACT by 2025. Initially launching as a pilot in 2016, ActewAGL’s public charging network has evolved into a more significant and reliable service with an impressive 97 per cent availability rate on the Evie Networks platform, ensuring consistent EV charging access for the community.

Rachael Turner, ActewAGL Retail General Manager shares that this charging station demonstrates continued commitment to the move to renewable electricity. "We are pleased to partner with Evie Networks in bringing Gungahlin this public charging station. With several more stations planned for the coming months, our goal is to establish a robust charging network that includes fast chargers, making EV adoption more attractive in the region."

ActewAGL is supporting the local community with EV charging that is accessible and easy, wherever it is needed, with solutions for charging at home, in business locations or through public charging stations.

In partnership with Evie Networks, ActewAGL has been expanding and upgrading its EV public charging network in Canberra and surrounds - with 15 charging stations facilitating 27 simultaneous charging sessions by later this year.

"ActewAGL is taking a strong position on improving the sustainability of transport, with a commitment to help the local community achieve one in four households with an EV by 2030. An extensive, reliable, fast-charging network, powered by clean energy, is giving drivers even more reason to switch to an EV," said Ms Turner.

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