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ChargeFest - ActewAGL customers with solar are powering their EVs courtesy of the sun.

17 November 2023

ActewAGL was proud to design and host ChargeFest on Tuesday, 14 November, a free community event exploring all things related to electric vehicle (EV) charging. The sold-out event was attended by those considering an EV as their next purchase, as well as EV owners – some of whom were in multi-EV households.

One lucky audience member walked away with a brand new state-of-the-art home EV charger to be provided and installed through ActewAGL.

Special guest speaker Shane Rattenbury, Minister for Water, Energy and Emissions Reduction, shared the latest updates on the ACT's uptake of electric vehicles, highlighting why the ACT is a national leader in EV adoption and sharing his own experiences with EVs and charging.

Discussion centred around the latest in-home charging technology, the process for selecting, installing and using home charging solutions, the expansion of ActewAGL’s public charging network, safety and quality considerations, and how ActewAGL is supporting locals who are either interested in an EV or already own one.
A poll taken at the event revealed an overwhelming desire to integrate EV charging with home solar to realise the benefits of charging the car from the sun.

Todd Eagles, Group Manager - Energy Transition Products for ActewAGL, acknowledged the potential savings drivers can realise when they combine an EV with a solar system. "The average electric vehicle drives about 6 km per kWh (kilowatt hour) of electricity, and we have found our solar customers export 5,000 kWh a year. By using that excess solar in your EV, it is the equivalent to around 30,000 km of driving. Those customers really can drive their EVs, courtesy of the sun."

The event sold out in a matter of days - testament to the growing interest in EV ownership and demand for information and insights into EVs and EV charging solutions.

ActewAGL Retail’s General Manager has emphasised her ongoing commitment to providing customers with the most simple, straightforward advice, products and services to support those considering or purchasing an EV.

"It’s been great to see so much interest from the community around EVs. With around ~60% of the ACT’s emissions currently coming from transport, EVs provide a wonderful opportunity to make a difference as we transition towards net zero emissions. EVs also present a significant opportunity for customers to save on fuel and running costs compared to internal combustion engine vehicles."

“Customers are at the heart of our EV solutions. We’re committed to making the shift to an EV as simple and seamless as possible with the right advice, products and services for the most straightforward and cost-effective set-up for homes and businesses. 

In addition to energy offers tailored for EV drivers and having launched an expanded range of home charging solutions, we’re also continuing to build out our extensive and reliable charging network for those who like to charge on the go, which here in the ACT, is powered entirely by energy from 100% renewable sources," said Rachael Turner, General Manager ActewAGL Retail.


ActewAGL is leveraging its expertise as the leading provider of EV charging infrastructure across the ACT and broader Capital Region. ActewAGL has so far installed more than 100 charge points across a broad range of locations, with more installations planned for launch in the near future.

As the ACT progresses toward a cleaner, more sustainable future, ActewAGL is making it easy for residents and businesses to find, finance and charge electric vehicles via its award-winning ActewAGL evHub.

ActewAGL has set ambitious goals to embrace and encourage more sustainable energy solutions in the local community. ActewAGL's community goals align with the ACT Government's legislated target to achieve net zero emissions by 2045 and include a commitment to help the community achieve 1 in 4 households driving an EV powered by electricity from sustainable sources by 2030.

To learn more about ActewAGL's electric vehicle solutions including how to find, finance and charge an EV, visit

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