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ActewAGL delivers first electric vehicle through its evHub, a service helping customers find, finance and charge electric vehicles.

04 October 2022

ActewAGL has celebrated the delivery of its first electric vehicle (EV) to a customer, a Hyundai Ioniq 5 sourced through ActewAGL’s evHub. The EV delivery marks an important milestone for ActewAGL, following the launch of its evHub.

The ActewAGL evHub is an online platform helping customers of ActewAGL to find, finance and charge an EV. It provides a comprehensive bank of resources and independent articles answering commonly asked questions about EV ownership, along with car reviews, public charging information and vehicle supply updates.

“We were thrilled to be the first to receive a car through the evHub. ActewAGL made it easy to find an EV in Canberra, and we were kept informed every step of the way,” said Mike and Anne, of Griffith.

“We are the first on our street to get an EV, and our neighbours have already popped by to check out our new car. EVs are the future, and we highly recommend the service and vehicle selection through ActewAGL’s evHub.”

The ACT has already reached a position of 100% of electricity being backed by renewable sources, however customers are also seeking more sustainable options relevant to how they travel.

"Canberra already has one of the highest rates of EV ownership in the country, and this trend is likely to continue. However, we recognise that one of the greatest barriers has been the global shortage of supply. That's why we’re looking for innovative ways to help customers drive an EV sooner – like through the EV ‘find’ services offered through our evHub," said Todd Eagles, Group Manager, Energy Transition Products, ActewAGL.

ActewAGL is also looking to build confidence in the local community that EV charging is accessible wherever they may need it, including through solutions at home, in business locations or through public charging stations.

In partnership with Evie Networks, ActewAGL has been expanding and upgrading its EV public charging network in Canberra - with an additional 70 public charging stations due for completion by October 2023.

“ActewAGL is taking a strong position on improving the sustainability of transport, with a commitment to help the local community achieve one in four households with an EV by 2030. An extensive, reliable, fast-charging network, powered by clean energy, will give drivers even more reasons to switch and adopt fast,” said Mr Eagles.

To find out more about ActewAGL’s electric vehicle solutions, visit

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