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ACT business prices

Business energy plans that suit your needs.

ACT business prices

Find the best energy plan for your business

Here you can find the prices of our electricity and gas plans available for ACT businesses.

Basic plan information

The pricing of all of ActewAGL’s plans have been benchmarked to the Australian Government's Energy Made Easy price comparison website. The ‘Basic plan information’ links will take you to their website. 

  • Maximise your savings with 5% off gas supply and usage charges.


    Discount off supply and usage charges

    Basic plan information

    Business Rewards


    Basic plan information

  • Our standard electricity plans are regulated by the ACT Government. 


    Percentage less than electricity reference price

    Lowest annual electricity price

    Annual usage (kWh)

    Basic plan information





    Basic plan information


    Basic plan information

    Business with controlled load

    Basic plan information

    Business incentive

    Basic plan information 

    Business low voltage time-of-use demand 

    Basic plan information 

    Business demand

    Basic plan information 

    Business demand with controlled load

    Basic plan information 

    Schedule of standard contract electricity prices ACT - from 1 July 2023

    Schedule of standard contract electricity prices ACT - from 1 July 2022

    The prices of our standard gas plan are outlined below 


    More information

    Business gas

    Basic plan information

    Schedule of standard contract natural gas prices ACT - from 1 July 2023

    Schedule of standard contract natural gas prices ACT - from 1 July 2022

  • We’re primed to work with big business.

    We work one-on-one with companies and large businesses (those using over 100 megawatt hours of electricity per year), offering:

    • billing and metering advice 
    • advice on tariff selection
    • energy management consulting 
    • bill consolidation
    • advice on green energy products
    • energy market data
    • electricity market information.

    Your online account at My.ActewAGL is the home for viewing your usage and paying your bills online.

    Want to speak to a personal account executive?

    We're always here to help. Chat to a member of our big business team on 13 14 93.

  • Make your contribution to cleaner and greener energy by offsetting the carbon emissions from your gas usage.

    You can opt-in to the Carbon Neutral Gas product on any ActewAGL business gas plan for only $0.00195 per MJ of gas used.

  • For a small cost on top of your electricity bill, you can contribute to the purchase of electricity from renewable sources, including wind power, biomass, mini-hydro and solar. 

    This green energy is fed straight back into the electricity grid, replacing electricity that would otherwise have been generated by fossil fuels—meaning reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

    Fixed use plans are available to anyone, anywhere in Australia. More about Greenchoice.

  • Your rights and responsibilities as a customer of ActewAGL are set out in the contract that you signed with us and in the ActewAGL privacy policy. If you’d like more information, speak to your account executive or call 13 14 93.

    Read specific customer supply and connection agreements for each of the networks.

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