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Concession cards

Terms and Conditions

  1. Only holders of a current Centrelink Pensioner Concession card (PCC), Centrelink Low Income Health Care card (HCC) or Veterans' Affairs Pensioner Concession card are eligible for an energy concession.
  2. A concession will only be applied to your account once you have applied to ActewAGL, providing details of eligibility.
  3. You agree for the information supplied to ActewAGL to be verified with Centrelink and the Department of Veterans' Affairs, to confirm eligibility or to supply relevant documentation directly to ActewAGL (call 13 14 93 for further information).
  4. The property relating to the account has to be the sole or principal place of residence of the applicant.
  5. The account is in the name of the person applying for the concession.
  6. Your concession is applied daily and shown as a separate line item on your energy bill.
  7. For Health Care card holders, a new application needs to be made each time a new card is issued.
  8. You need to advise you are a concession card holder each time you change address and may be required to re-apply for your concession. Applications for a concession must be submitted as soon as possible, and prior to the issue of the first bill on which the concession is claimed at the new address.
  9. ACT residents are eligible only for a concession applied on their electricity account at their principal place of residence.
  10. NSW residents are eligible for a concession applied on both electricity and gas accounts at their principal place of residence.
  11. GST applies to the balance of your bill after the concession has been deducted.
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